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In 2017 Energy Renewals entered into a partnership with Circosense, developers of patented predictive technology to improve efficiency in hot water systems. This means Energy Renewals can now help deliver savings of upwards of 30% of the cost hot heating hot water.

Hot water is not often recognised as part of the buildings energy costs, yet it can be up to 29% of a buildings energy costs. This is where Energy Renewals comes in. Through our partnership we are able to assist schools, office buildings, hotels and so much more in using smart technology to reduce energy wastage. Ultimately saving you money.

Case Study:

Heathfield Primary School

South Ayrshire Council was looking to reduce the carbon emissions from buildings within their property portfolio. Circosense were identified as a potential energy saving technology. In October 2016 Circosense installed a unit in Heathfield Primary School on a trial basis. At the end of the trail period the savings were calculated and it resulted in a saving of 35.4% on the cost of heating direct hot water across the school. As well as a reduction of 5.6 tonnes of carbon. All the while have no disruption to the day to day running of the school.

Ian Hill, Senior Energy Officer at South Ayrshire Council, stated “We are pleased with the levels of savings at Heathfield Primary School, as well as the reduction in carbon emissions at the site.”


Case Study:

West College Scotland

West College Scotland is one of the largest educational institutions in the UK. With more than 30,000 students and 1,200 staff. They were looking for ways to reduce their operating sites across a campus that runs day and evening classes. The smart technology of the Circosense 3000 was chosen and installed on a ‘proof of concept’ basis. It was installed in one of three boiler rooms during term time, with no disruption to the running of the college

During the six week cycle the device learnt the hot water usage patterns and then used this data to predict the future usage. This ensures that hot water is always available, but allows the pump to be turned off when it isn’t required. After the six week period is was calculated that a 41% saving in gas consumption used to heat the water was achieved. This means lower energy bills and a reduction on their carbon emissions.

Alex Deas, the Estate Manager said “West College Scotland are always on the look-out for new and innovative technology which can help achieve savings within our buildings, both on energy bills and in carbon emissions. The CircoSense3000 has significantly reduced our gas costs for heating the hot water, in turn reducing our carbon emissions”

 West College Scotland

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