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Ecopilot is the no upfront cost smart solution that enables ventilation, heating and cooling to collaborate instead of competing against one another.

So, what does Ecopilot do?

Ecopilot enhances your building management system (BMS) to maintain an optimal indoor climate, providing not only the very best working conditions, but crucially improves a building’s energy efficiency, automatically reducing consumption and therefore costs. Even in the most energy efficient buildings.

Figures from its developer, Kabona, show energy savings across the board – up to 58% for heating; 24% for cooling; 30% for electricity; and Ecopilot installations have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 10,000 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to approximately 40,000 cars driving 12,500 miles each.

Ecopilot was created to harness the Thermal Mass of your building(s) in order to keep the indoor temperature within a comfortable range while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Improve the working environment, improve productivity

The data collected by Ecopilot is incredible offering further insights and additional ways to reduce energy wastage and make more savings in addition to the automatic savings generated, by simply installing the system.





Ecopilot downloads the weather forecast twice a day, taking factors like precipitation, wind speed & direction, humidity and solar incident radiation into consideration to understand the current and long term needs of the building. It uses this data to prepare the building for what’s to come.

People, computers, printers and anything plugged in, produce heat/energy, which takes time to dissipate through the fabric of a building. Ecopilot utilises that internal load, considers the weather factors and the buildings capacity to store energy to tell the BMS how hard it “actually” needs to work in order to maintain a pleasant indoor climate. Most of the time, the BMS is working harder than it needs to because it is working according to the outside temperature.


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