Energy Crisis

The current gas prices are ‘out of the ordinary’ high and keep rising. The prices will rise for the rest of 2021, if not longer. These increases are a result of:-

• Depleted stocks;
• A reduced Russian supply;
• An increased demand for Liquified Natural Gas from the Far East.

Luckily, we are not just dependant on Russia, we have other reliable suppliers such as Norway.

The Government have had crisis talks and are re-assuring the public that there is no need for concern with regard to gas supplies for this winter. They have also met with Ofgem and industry leaders to discuss this issue.

There are worries about lower income households being able to afford energy bills this winter. Some household bills could rise as much as £400 per year.

If CO2 supplies dwindle some of the consequences could be pork, chicken and the like disappearing from shop shelves. Worse still, turkeys, meaning Christmas could be cancelled!

CO2 is essential for the humane slaughter of livestock. It is used to stun the animals before they are killed. CO2 is also essential for vacuum packing and extends shelf lives of red meat by 5 days and poultry by up to 14 days. It is also vital in refrigeration cooling systems.

Unfortunately, 2 large UK plants who supply CO2 in Cheshire and Teesside have closed down. Others are rumoured to follow suit.

The Government are adamant that we have enough energy supplies for the forthcoming winter – good news for households but the cost is a worry for families who have had their Universal Credit reduced or have a low household income.

With regard to Christmas being cancelled, fingers crossed it won’t be as the lack of CO2 is only part of this problem. A lack of staff is a big part of the problem also!!