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Feasibility Efficiency Survey (FES)

A FES is a desktop based exercise that identifies what sustainable and feasible technologies are available for your site. Click here to begin your survey today. Please set the subject to ‘FES Enquiries’ and let us know your Name and Location of the site you’d like surveyed.

How Does it Work?

We run a desktop survey taking approximately 15 minutes to test your site for the viability of installing sustainable energy generating technologies. The survey harnesses the power of our unique portal giving you highly detailed analysis of the advantages of each technology were it to be installed on your site.

The portal is connected to the Meteorological Office, this enables us to give an estimate of the amount of electricity a site would generate via a wind turbine and typically how much sunshine a solar panel would receive over the course of a year.

It is also linked with Google Earth so we are able to locate the exact coordinates of a building anywhere within the United Kingdom. Giving us the ability to know how many solar panels would fit on the roof or ground space for example.


What are the Benefits?

By being done remotely we can save you time, effort and money compared with a full site survey being carried out. These can prove to be not feasible and can incur costs of up to £3,000.

The feedback that you receive from the survey is detailed and precise. It will be able to clearly show the amount of CO2 that would be reduced by implementing any number of the sustainable technologies. As well as the income generated via the governments Feed in Tariff Scheme.

Additionally the portal also reports on what percentage of your energy use can be delivered by all the sustainable technologies.

Once a full assessment and proposal is completed Energy Renewals are able to guarantee the amount of savings based on the current usage of the site.