Fish ‘n’ Chips

Could the great British Fish ‘n’ Chips be under threat?

Many of the cooler water species such as Cod and Monkfish, are victims of climate change. Over the past 40 years the English Channel, Celtic Sea, Bristol Channel and parts of the southern North Sea have all seen a rise in temperature due to Global Warming.

These rises will more than likely continue, possibly rising by 2 degrees centigrade to 4 degrees by 2098. The research that was carried out by various bodies including, the Met Office, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and some Universities, was based on various climate scenarios. Projections indicate that this could result in the cold water fish species depleting and being replaced by warmer water fish such as Red Mullet. Let’s hope that the institution known as Traditional Fish ‘n’ Chips does not become a thing of the past!

Climate change