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Don’t fixate on a fixed price contract!

Flexible procurement could save your business money on energy bills

Are you sure you have the most suitable energy contract for your organisation? Fixed price procurement is the more traditional approach to purchasing energy, but flexible procurement is an increasingly popular alternative – and it can deliver substantial savings.


Advantages of flexible procurement

With a fixed price contract, your business agrees to pay a set price for electricity and gas over a fixed term. The downside of this certainty is that typical market fluctuations make it likely you’ll pay more than you need to at certain points in the life of your contract.

However, with a flexible procurement contract, your business is part of a larger purchasing group. This makes it possible to spread buying decisions over time (in line with a pre-determined strategy) to take advantage of price movements in the wholesale market. The net result is that with flexible procurement, your business benefits from optimal pricing throughout the period of your contract.


Is your business eligible for flexible procurement?

Flexible procurement is available to organisations using over 7 million kWh of energy.

If your business consumes less than 7 million kWh, you can still take advantage by joining flexible collective products. These are offered by larger energy brokers and buying groups. They allow smaller businesses to combine their consumption so that collectively, they’re large enough to access the benefits of flexible procurement.


Fixed Price Approach

Allows organisations to agree a price for their electricity and gas on a single market and this remains fixed for a duration of their contract (1,2,3 years). A 1:255 chance to achieve optimal pricing.


Flexible Approach

Being part of a high volume product means that the ability to spread buying decisions over a period of time increases the chances of gaining access to optimal pricing with the use of multiple purchases.

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