Gas Boilers Could be Banned by 2025

The government has been called on by an independent commission to ban the installation of conventional gas boilers in homes by 2025.

The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and University of Birmingham set up the commission and published the report to recommend substantial acceleration in decarbonising heat in buildings. The CBI works to promote interests by networking with other businesses and creating intelligence through analysis of government policies and compilation of statistics.

The report suggests that the government needs to rapidly prompt businesses to invest in new technologies and urges them to phase out fossil fuel heating systems by 2050.

Heat accounts for one third of carbon emissions making it the largest single source in the UK, half of it coming from domestic buildings.

A nationwide roll-out of a heat infrastructure upgrade for energy efficiency is currently underway. This will also create new job and skill opportunities for many.

The UK’s road to net-zero emission cannot fail. As well as morally, we also have huge economic reasons for protecting the planet. The associated job boost for the economy would be welcomed now in these unprecedented times more so than ever.