Green Gas

Currently the UK gas prices are amongst the lowest in Europe. Unfortunately, the main problem with gas is the carbon emissions from its usage. As a result of this the Government are looking into alternatives. If they don’t, the net zero by 2050 deadline will not be met. One option is the use of green gas, also known as Biomethane. This is made from biodegradable materials which are used in the same way as energy from fossil fuels. It can be used for heating and cooking. Green gas is made by turning organic matter e.g. vegetables, grass and plants into biomethane. This process is known as Anaerobic Digestion, whereby the bacteria breaks down the organic matter in a no-oxygen environment. Anaerobic Digestion also creates a natural fertiliser which is an excellent way to fertilise your garden without using harmful synthetics. Also, in the process, the CO2 is removed allowing the biomethane to be pumped directly to the National Grid. Over all, carbon emissions are significantly lowered. There is already 500+ plants to do this in the UK. What a great way to improve our soil quality and help the environment and our wildlife.

Biogas -v- Natural Gas

Business and gas users alike should start to understand Biomethane to prepare themselves for the future.

The 2050 deadline still quite a long way ahead but this will soon come around! There could possibly be some Government grants available to help with this If Energy Renewals can be of any assistance to you in this regard or any other energy queries you may have, please contact us on 01753 208125 or

We all need to do our bit for a cleaner future!