How helping a business tackle a whopping energy bill took Energy Renewals to awards finals

When a fish and chip shop located in the next town to Energy Renewals’ office in Beaconsfield,
Bucks, received a British Gas bill of £57,000, the owners faced imminent closure.

The gas supply was disconnected that day and the owners feared that unable to pay such a
whopping bill they would have no option but to shut up shop permanently. The owners were forced
to close for five weeks whilst the matter was resolved despite bravely attempting to battle on using
an electric chip fryer. However, this proved an impossible task and they had to give up after a couple
of days.

A friend suggested Energy Renewals could help and the team stepped in. First, Energy Renewals
played detective and discovered the British Gas bill was inaccurate. It was found the invoices for the
debt were historical and related to a different customer which had previously rented the premises.
With British Gas having disconnected the supply and the fish and chip shop unable to trade, it was
imperative to work fast.

Once the supply was restored, the team set about finding the most competitive tariff for the small
business which meant their livelihood was secure and their customers could still enjoy their tasty
fish and chips!

The case was put forward as part of the energy company’s submission in the Vulnerable Customer
Support Campaigner of the Year category at the 2018 London Regional Energy Efficiency Awards
which take place tomorrow (Wednesday 28 th February). As a result, Energy Renewals has been
selected as a finalist and the team will be heading to the ceremony at Lord’s Cricket Ground, home
of Middlesex County Cricket Club.

Big Dish’s owner said: “My wife and I run a small local family business. Last year, we were presented
with a shocking bill of £57k from British Gas, and our gas supply was disconnected on the same day.
“We turned to Energy Renewals for immediate help, and not only were the team so friendly and
approachable, they were able to prove to British Gas that the debt did not belong to us, and helped
us get our business back up and running after five weeks.

“Without their assistance, we would not have ever managed to get through the stressful time on our
own. Thank you so much Energy Renewals, you are highly recommended.”
Big Dish was one of 55 small businesses facing fuel poverty which Energy Renewals has helped in
2017 by tackling their energy costs.

In another case, a local village community hall, Village Community Association Ltd was mistakenly
directed to Energy Renewals and although not a customer, the team stepped in to guide the
organisation through what can be a complex task of complaints and resolution with a large energy
supplier. In fact, the organisation’s broker had backdated the association’s contract by a year
incurring a much higher rate. When British Gas sought payment, the association complained and
British Gas referred them to Energy Renewals. Referrals from British Gas has happened several times
with a variety of organisations and the company is fast developing a reputation of resolving
complicated cases usually involving complex and costly contracts.

Energy Renewals often helps businesses which have inadvertently signed up to long-term contracts
with higher prices and has had several successes in renegotiating and finding more favourable tariffs.

In addition, Energy Renewals allows its team members to provide free of charge support to the local
community as well as volunteering the time of its employees to the education sector including
providing placements to students looking for business experience.

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takes the top spot in the award category.