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Invoice validation & bill assurance

Are your energy bills accurate? Let us check & recover any historic overpayments

Our experienced invoice auditing team will go through your past and current energy bills. They will meticulously scrutinise them to identify any errors that may have been made by your suppliers, and then recover refunds on your behalf.

This is a time-consuming – but frequently financially beneficial exercise. Typically, the errors and overpayments we identify lead to refunds worth 15-20% of the total invoice value.

We will check

  • There are no gaps or overlapping periods in billing
  • Meter exchange details
  • Unit charges are applied as per contract terms
  • Fixed charges are for the correct period
  • Fixed charges are applied as per contract terms
  • CCL, FiT & RO are billed correctly
  • Consumption on invoice matches consumption from meter readings or half-hourly data
  • Maximum demand does not exceed available supply capacity & advise where this is the case
  • Supply capacity does not change
  • Data collection charges are not applied by the supplier if a DC agreement is in place with an independent service provider
  • Legal assistance advice is included if required.


Check your billing & find out if you’re due a refund!

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