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The SMART Energy Management Solution

ER has developed its own SMART process to assist businesses in their energy management and reduction program with the key objective of achieving total energy efficiency with minimal impact to operational and financial costs. Where possible self-funding schemes are implemented with either capex or opex options proposed with typical payback of within 1-2 years.

The 6 steps that we follow to deliver success in energy management are:

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Audit and Site Surveys

Collate information to understand where the client is at present with energy usage and efficiency measures, answer the questions of where, when and how it is being consumed.

Analyse and Evaluate

This stage will allow us to assess and interpret your energy use, evaluate your operation and align this to the energy profile to breakdown where, when and how it is being used.

Report and Recommend

We will prepare a summarised report and identify areas of wastage with recommendations on how to prevent or reduce any energy wastage; this will include applicable SMART solutions to the business. Within this report we would supply an overview on potential financial and carbon emission savings, costs of solutions and typical payback times.

Develop an energy management plan

ER will work with you to develop an energy plan which will fit in with your business strategy, financial targets and objectives.


If you decide to proceed with part or all of the energy improvements we can work with you and your operation team to project management the entire process develop and agree a program of works to fit in with your implementation strategy.

Monitor and track

Continuous monitoring of your energy use to ensure the improvements implemented are delivering in accordance with expectations is part of our ongoing service; the look and feel of your business today may have a very different appearance in the future and through ongoing reviews.