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Retro Profit Recovery

80% of businesses are being overcharged for utilities!

Recover up to 6 years of overpayments through our Retro Profit Recovery service

8 in 10 businesses are paying more than they should be for their gas, water and electricity – without even realising it.

Are you one of them?

Using our Retro Profit Recovery service, we can uncover historic overpayments you’ve made, claim them back on your behalf and rebate the cash recovered, putting it straight back into your business – often within weeks.

To date, overpayments worth more than £18 million have been paid back to businesses through Retro Profit Recovery – including over £350,000 for one business alone.

What is Retro Profit Recovery?

The Statute of Limitations allows your business to review energy expenditure for the previous six years, and to claim a refund if it transpires you have been overcharged or incorrectly invoiced.

How does it work?

Using Artificial Intelligence technology, we will retrospectively review and analyse your electricity, gas and water billing data for the previous six years – including for sites you may have closed, vacated, or amalgamated. We will look for a range of errors that are often missed by finance systems to identify any rebates and savings due to you.

Simple & risk-free

Much of the data we need will probably already reside in your own records, but we will liaise with your energy providers if required. It’s completely risk-free too: you will only pay a percentage fee on the rebates or savings we recover for your business.

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