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Revolving Green Fund

Unlock rebates worth up to £250,000 & fund a sustainable, energy efficient future for your business!

Your business can reduce its energy overheads and develop a long-term, sustainable energy efficiency programme – with no upfront investment.

Every UK company is entitled to claim a rebate on its energy contract and use this to establish a Revolving Green Fund.

What is a Revolving Green Fund? A self-financing solution that enables your business to use the savings from reduced energy bills to fund further energy-saving activities.

How does it work? Liaising with your current energy supplier, we unlock your rebate and transfer it into a Revolving Green Fund exclusively for your business. There are no set up costs and you will be able to use the interest-free payments you receive to pay for any energy efficiency initiatives you undertake.

Our 4-step plan


<sub>Step 1</sub>Unlocks <br>& Rebates
Step 1Unlocks
& Rebates

We work with you to develop an energy plan which will fit in with your business strategy, and processes.


<sub>Step 2</sub>Audit & <br>Site Surveys
Step 2Audit &
Site Surveys

Collate information to understand where the client is at present with energy usage and efficiency measures, answer the questions of where, when and how it is being consumed.


<sub>Step 3</sub>Analyse <br>Evaluate <br>Implement
Step 3Analyse

This stage will allow us to assess and interpret your energy use, evaluate your operation and align this to the energy profile to breakdown where, when and how it is being used.


<sub>Step 4</sub>Report <br>Recommend <br>Track
Step 4Report

We will prepare a summarised report and identify areas of wastage with recommendations on how to prevent or reduce any energy wastage.

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