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Monitoring & Targeting Smart Billing

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Energy Renewals have developed their monitoring and targeting platform, showing you when, where and how you are spending money on energy in just three simple clicks.



The When – Click 1

See how much energy is being used by your business and when it is being used.

The Where – Click 2

This shows you a detailed view of the top items that are using energy at that time. You can highlight any individual item for specific values.


The How – Click 3

Shows you the cost breakdown for your energy spend.

Smart Billing allows you to make informed decisions and encourage positive behavioural change.

We shape your data into something that is easy for everyone to understand. With our simple-to-use, intuitive interface you can quickly see summaries of all your utility usage in real-time. And with multi-user access you can allow those people that are going to make a difference to see when and where they help make a change.

Standard invoice
from your electricity supplier

‘Smart Billing’
itemised statement

There are countless situations where an energy alert could save your business time, money and reputation. Opt for consumption or event-based alerts that will come to you via email, SMS or automatic integration into your job queue management system. With Smart Billing, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

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