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Smart Data Controls

Our Smart Data Controls (SDC) solution is very different to competing products in the marketplace in that we offer control of physical assets. Monitoring and targeting is an excellent tool for delivering visibility of where savings could be made, but it doesn’t actually deliver the savings.

The SDC offers goes one step further. It automates the operation of the plant and drives bottom-line savings. First released in the UK in late 2010, our SDC as a package has undergone continuous development to become the leading solution across multiple industry sectors.

The SDC platform encompasses data collection from utility providers, databases, excel spreadsheets and through direct connection to physical submeters and third-party equipment. Our ability to collect disparate data and aggregate this data in a single portal allows meaningful information to be presented and used to build effective management reports. Beyond this, we implement control strategies which automatically control physical assets and thereby deliver automated energy savings.

Our data collection solution is powered by our low cost IoT wireless monitoring and control devices. We have significantly reduced the cost for data collection offering a fully integrated hardware and software solution. We monitor and control temperature, humidity, CO2, light levels and integrate occupancy data. All of this data drives the control strategies we then implement for the control of physical assets. Collecting this kind of data enables control strategies to be deployed by time of day or based on occupancy or temperature for  HVAC and lighting, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. We can also design alerts and alarms to report on exception events as and when they happen in real-time.

Our energy profiler device is a submeter solution whereby multiple power circuits can be monitored without the need to install a physical submeter. This can reduce the capital outlay for a submeter installation by up to 80%. You can use this information to conduct detailed analysis of your consumption by type, area and equipment, giving you the ability to verify energy reductions on capital investment projects.

The SDC portal offers multiple interfaces for stakeholders within a business delivering specific information as it relates to each individual process, procedure or staff member.

The SDC platform will fit seamlessly into your current business environment and processes. Our integration capabilities provide connection to various third-party manufacturer’s equipment and gateway devices delivering a fully integrated solution. It means we can make further use of any investment you have made in third-party hardware.

Some of the Product Users

Manufacturer – Case Study

Recently recovered from a company with 10 sites manufacturing 14million annual spend recovered over £354, 624.85


Double Billed – Case Study

One site with two HH meters Kva split between 2 meters customer was being double billed £64,000 refunded to customer


LV Substation – Case Study

Customer has an LV Substation on site the DNO was charging this incorrectly to the supplier and in turn the supplier was passing these cost onto the customer £38,000 recovered from the DNO and refunded back to the customer.


Cheltenham College – Case Study

Since the installation of SmarterDM’s low-cost wireless hardware Cheltenham College in November 2013, energy consumption has been reduced by 5.2GWh. This resulted in a saving of £191,000

SmarterDm’s energy management solution feeds data into a bespoke online portal. This allows for sophisticated monitoring and control throughout the colleges 23 building zones. Through automated meter reading on 69 electricity and gas billing meters, Cheltenham College has a high level of energy consumption profiling. Closer control of the boiler dry-cycling process has reduced heating and hot water gas consumption.

With a reduction in energy consumption, Cheltenham College is able to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are interested in lower energy costs and lowering your environmental impact give Energy Renewals a call or email on 01753 208125 or

“The installation has helped the college moderate its energy consumption through the provision of efficient control and monitoring systems. We even gained the added benefit of being able to reduce what used to be a day and a half’s job, to switch all of the college’s heating systems on, to  less than an hour. I only wish we had discovered this solution sooner.” – Stephen Friling, Finance Bursar


“Smart Data Control has an innovative approach to energy demand management and is the only company we came across which offered an integrated hardware and software solution which also integrated data from our existing hardware and physical equipment. By linking all energy and maintenance data in a single portal, the SDC solution has not only driven significant energy cost reduction, but also allowed us to reduce maintenance charges across the estate through changing from a time-based maintenance regime to much more of a planned preventative maintenance strategy”Andrew Watts, Head of Facilities, UK Leisure Sector