Stick or Bust – Energy Suppliers

The world of energy supplies is always a bit of a minefield but recently one can only describe it as carnage! In the last 5 weeks alone 5 energy suppliers have gone bust, others having to seek finance. In this year alone 27 energy suppliers have gone busy which left 2-5 million customers having to switch energy suppliers involuntary. As a result, any unpaid bills of the failed supplier get added to other peoples’ energy bills!

If you find yourself in this situation you don’t actually have to accept any new deal you may have been offered by the supplier taking over your supply. You are well within your rights to do an online comparison to make sure what you are being offered is reasonable compared to other deals. Surprisingly, currently some of the best deals are from the ‘Big 6’. You’re welcome to take advantage and talk to our team of energy experts today for advice on this issue or any other energy queries you may have 01753 208125. With our knowledge and expertise, we can get you the best prices.

Failed Energy Suppliers

Date Supplier No of Customers Affected New Supplier
14/09/2021 Utility Point 220,000 domestic EDF Energy
14/09/2021 People’s Energy 350,000 domestic 1,000 business British Gas
07/09/2021 PFP Energy 80,000 domestic 5,000 business British Gas
07/09/2021 MoneyPlus Energy Ltd 9,000 domestic British Gas
09/08/2021 Hub Energy 6,000 domestic 9,000 business Eon Next
27/01/2021 Green Network Energy 360,000 domestic EDF Energy
27/01/2021 Simplicity Energy 50,000 domestic British Gas Evolve
02/12/2020 Yorkshire Energy 74,000 domestic Scottish Power
06/10/2020 Tonik Energy 130,000 domestic Scottish Power
03/09/2020 Go Effortless Energy 2,500 domestic Octupus Energy
18/03/2020 GnERGY 9,000 domestic Bulb
18/12/2019 Breeze Energy 18,000 domestic British Gas
23/10/2019 Toto Energy 134000 domestic EDF Energy
15/10/2019 Uttily Energy 280 business Total Gas & Power
06/09/2019 Evermart Energy 29,000 domestic Utilita
13/08/2019 Solarplicity 7,500 domestic 500 business SSE
09/08/2019 Cardiff Energy Supply 800 domestic SSE
11/03/2019 Brilliant Energy 17,000 domestic SSE
25/01/2019 Our Power 31,000 domestic Utilita
08/01/2019 Economy Energy 235,000 domestic OVO Energy
10/12/2018 One Select 36,000 domestic Together Energy
10/12/2018 Spark Energy 290,000 domestic OVO Energy
21/11/2018 Extra Energy 108,000 domestic 21,000 business Scottish Power
15/10/2018 Usio Energy 7,000 domestic First Utility
Sep-18 Gen4U 500 domestic Octupus Energy
27/07/2018 Iresa 90,000 domestic Octupus Energy
Jul-18 National Gas & Power 80 business Hudson Energy
25/01/2018 Future Energy 10,000 domestic Green Star Energy
26/11/2016 GB Energy Supply 160,000 domestic Co-Operative Energy