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Meet the team

We have a dedicated team of specialists in energy management.

Ken Warner


Outside of work I enjoy Salsa dancing and going to the Theatre (especially last night)

I passionately enjoy helping clients achieve their goals when it comes to energy efficiency and saving them money.

Daily Conundrum….. Work!

Burning desire… more work!

Guilty pleasure… helping others

Bug bear….. People making false promises and claims

In three words… I say what I mean, and mean what I say. (terrible with figures, more than 3 words)

Graham Borét


I like to put to good use my wide range of experience and background in the energy market by working with and helping organisations get to grips with their energy and carbon management.

I relish the challenge of finding ways to identify real savings through simple but effective methods that offer practicality and acceptable returns on investment whilst contributing towards your bottom line and reducing the carbon impact on the environment.

Outside of my passion for the energy market I enjoy a glass of wine with friends, taking in some sport, mainly from the armchair and reading.

Daily Conundrum….. Salad or Fast food

Burning desire… Leap out of a plane 

Guilty pleasure… Pyramid Profiteroles

Bug bear….. Radio DJ’s who think the sun shines out of their rear 

In three words… Passionate, Punctual & Panglossian

Rachael Thatcher


After joining Energy Renewals as an administration assistant straight out of university in November 2013, I’d barely worked in an office let alone in the energy industry. After a very steep (and exciting) learning curve I’m now responsible for the day to day running of many of our larger accounts.

I’ve recently been working alongside Graham on some exciting new energy management projects, and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the progressive technology in the industry.

Daily Conundrum….. Can I get away with wearing flip flops?

Burning desire… Complete the three peaks – 2 down, 1 to go!

Guilty pleasure… Peanut Butter

Bug bear….. Noisy eaters

In three words… Open-minded, Meticulous, Foodie

Des Mackin


A head for figures and a talent for turning spreadsheets into an art form, I keep a sharp eye on the expenditure and profitability. Forecasting is my forte and I spend hours analysing an array of figures and business information to help the company make informed decisions. I can spot a discrepancy at 20 paces and ensure companies spend well, invest wisely and deliver the best returns.

As FD, I have supported Energy Renewals since 2010 with the goal of helping take the company to the next level. My previous accounting experience spans a host of industries including retail incorporating global sites, waste management and the training sector.

Daily Conundrum….. Bargain food shelves at M&S or Sainsbury’s (timing is everything!)

Burning desire… To wander the globe not entirely aimlessly until the end of my days

Guilty pleasure… Holby City and Casualty

Bug bear….. Hand luggage

In three words… Don’t suffer fools (or fair, friendly and tenacious)


Janette Thatcher


Since joining Energy Renewals I have learn a lot about the Energy Market. I look after our larger accounts. Outside of work I love spending time with my family and going on holiday.


Daily Conundrum….Whats for Dinner.

Burning desire.… Travel as often as I can.

Guilty pleasure.… Crispy Streaky Bacon.

Bug bear….Bad manners & Rudeness.

In three words.… Passionate, Loyal, Reliable.

Nigel Woods


I joined Energy Renewals 4 years ago. I was involved in all aspects of the business helping out where needed before it expanded at a fast rate and now manage lots of small accounts nationwide.

I am dedicated to upholding what Energy Renewals stands for and that’s making sure our clients come first managing all their expectations of us.

Aside from work, time with my family is precious and rewarding. Also, as a personal trainer, pushing my clients to their absolute limits of their physical capability and me is my idea of fun.

Daily conundrum ….To be or not to be 

Burning Desire….To see as many places in the world as possible

Guilty pleasure….Greek yoghurt and Peanut butter

Bug bear….Going to restaurants to eat from chefs who can’t cook better than me.

In 3 words….Cool calm and collective

Simon Guy


I take care and pride in all aspects of my work and I love helping solving problems and assisting customers get to grips with their energy management requirements. Working as part of the Energy Renewals team I enjoy the challenges of working with our energy supplies to find the best solution to deliver savings to our customers.

Daily conundrum…. Go to work or go to work

Burning desire….To enjoy my kids to the full and make sure they have the best opportunities and a good life

Guilty pleasure…. Tottenham Hotspur (sometimes not so pleasurable)

Bug bear…. Rudeness and bad manners

In three words…. What you see (is what you get)

Nicky Holmes


I am a relatively new member of the team joining in a full time capacity in April 2016. My key attribute is building and retaining relationships with our customers.

Aside from work, I am an avid Arsenal fan and try to get to The Emirates at least a couple of times a year with my daughter.

Daily Conundrum…. Gym or sofa Burning

Desire…. To get on the property ladder

Guilty Pleasure…. Rubbish TV, reality shows in particular

Bug Bear…. Lack of manners. Please and thank you doesn’t cost a thing

In three words/phrases…. Plucky, loyal and up-for-a-laugh


Pat Prentice


My role is quite varied but mainly revolves around providing support for the sales team and account managers and dealing with the day to day running of the office but always happy to help out where needed.

Outside of work I enjoy meeting up with family and friends, family/local history and reading.

Daily Conundrum….Fast food or home made

Burning desire.…Learn to swim

Guilty pleasure.…Long hot bath with a good book and cup of tea

Bug bear…. Drivers who think they own the road

In three words.… Honest, Loyal, Responsible



Blu by name, not by nature. Friendly and approachable, my role as Office Manager requires me to have a paws-on approach to all my work. You’ll often find me sniffing out new leads and opportunities.

Daily Conundrum….Seeing who has the best lunch for me

Burning Desire….More treats!

Guilty Pleasure….Ham

Bug Bear….Not getting enough cuddles from colleagues

In three Words….Play, Rest, Play