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Vector Boiler Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

In 2017 Energy Renewals embarked on a partnership with industry specialists Vector. Formed around 18 years ago, Vector manufacture energy management systems for use across a range of boilers.

A BEMS is designed to manage oil, gas and LPG boilers by controlling and modifying the firing pattern based on ever changing demands.  BEMS’s constantly calculate load, maintains accurate temperatures by eliminating overshoot and alters the boiler input to match the load. It is an in independent electronic unit that is connected to the boiler.

A return on investment can be expected within 12 months and then it will continue to save money, lower CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

The BEMS can be installed in partnership with many other building energy management systems and has shown to be beneficial to schools, hospitals, leisure centres, office buildings and hotels.

We are able to provide full national coverage to deliver their revolutionary UK manufactured products at a surprisingly low cost.

Both parts and labour are fully guaranteed for 3 years. The system is professionally installed by qualified engineers.

Saving Energy

Some of the product users currently benifiting
from savings between 10-25%

Case Study


Throughout late 2009 and early 2010 Vector were asked to supply 787 BEMS’s to 425 Tesco stores right across the UK. The BEMS were fitted onto a variety of different boilers. Twelve months after installation, a survey was carried out on a selection of varying boiler types to see the size of the savings the BEMS had achieved. Across the surveyed sites an average of 20.5% was saved.

“We were delighted with the energy savings that the Vector unit produced and we will be recommending it to other suitable establishments under our control.”
Kevin Guy of Middlesbrough Council


“Installing the Vector BMS into our establishment has achieved savings as you’ve seen. Saving energy is very cost efficient. It is not difficult to convert energy and environmental issues into profit, thus creating greater cash flow, higher profits, improvements to the environment, and producing ongoing savings. I would recommend that installing Vector BEMS into other establishments within the De Vere group would have a significant impact on the group’s profitability.”
Grant Stanton, the Energy Manager at The Belfry