Whisky Funding

In 2019 UK distilleries grew by 20%, thus showing a booming industry. Spirits make up 21% of the UK food and drink export market. This equates to approximately £8 billion, the majority of which is from Whisky.

Unlike many other spirits Whisky is more energy intensive because of the generation of heat required for the distillation process. This is mostly fuelled by natural gas.

The Government have announced a fund of £10 million for Whisky distilleries . The fund’s purpose is to help change to low carbon fuels such as Hydrogen, biomass and repurposed waste to power their operations. As a result, distilleries can ‘go green’.

It is estimated that this fund will help to cut carbon omissions by approximately a million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. This is the same as removing 100,000 vehicles from our roads.

It is a vital part of a carbon neutral future and climate change to support our oldest industries in making these changes. It also makes for a healthier export market which is needed as a result of Brexit. Every bit helps for the future in different ways.

How lovely it would be to enjoy our favourite tipple in a pollution free environment? Maybe this will rub off on manufacturers who make our other favourite brands!